With the costs of solar panels becoming more affordable the time to install solar for your home or business has never been better. Old Dominion Energy Services is part of a collaborative bringing the fields of architecture, construction and energy conservation together to deliver renewable energy services based on a holistic understanding of the built environment.  Bolstered by over 10 years of involvement in the solar industry, our experience includes residential, commercial and institutional projects covering both solar thermal installations as well as grid-tied and stand-alone photovoltaic systems. Our second to none portfolio includes the Richmond Metro Area’s first net-metered residential solar system, the design of the city’s first commercial solar installation and net zero solar homes. 

Sustainability. Reducing our impact on the Earth's resources while taking advatage of free solar energy just makes sense. The true cost of fossil fuel sourced electricity we use today is costing more than you might think. 

Investment. Installing solar has never made more financial sense in the history of Virginia. With cost of solar becoming increasingly more afordable, low interest rate loans, and 30% Federal Tax credit. 

Increased Property Value. Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory, The Appraisal Journal, and the Dept. of Energy have conducted studies that prove solar houses not only have increased resale value, they also sell twice as fast as homes that don't have solar panels. 

Savings. Last but certainly not least is the money that you save month after month, year after year that you can now allocate to something besides keeping the lights on.